HNW - "Back Then," was Medieval Dyes

Lynn Carpenter alwen at
Sun Aug 30 01:30:59 PDT 1998

This is not the only "historic ( )" list I am on where there have been some
heated exchanges before the posters realized they weren't talking about the
same historic place or time.  Please do remember that any sweeping
generalization (i.e., "They had to dye their own cloth back then" or "All
cloth was commercially dyed by that time") is going to be false somewhere
in the world!  Isolated places, such as the Shetland Islands or the
Allegheny mountains, or places temporarily isolated by war or disease, are
going to have pockets of self-sufficient dyeing or whatever craft they need
that is not easy to get or that doesn't come often from the outside.

Do try to post as *specifically* as possible.  Then we avoid some of the
arguments ending, "But I wasn't talking about 1177 in the south of England
- -- I was talking about 1516 in the north of France!"  "Oh."

alwen at
a little tired of a rather (ahem) heated argument on another list


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