HNW - Getting the pattern right

Cindy Koepp ckoepp at
Sun Aug 30 03:16:34 PDT 1998

In some of my embroidery projects, I'm going for complex patterns 
(like Celtic knots) or even simple patterns that should be even all 
the way around.  I don't "eyeball" things very well.  Usually, I draw 
the little monsters out (or photocopy from another source) and pin 
them to the material, then sew through the paper, then rip the paper 
out.  This has variable results.  Sometimes (especially if I wet the 
paper first) this works OK.  Other times I just end up pulling the 
stitching through or otherwise making a  mess of things.  Either way, 
I'm never completely amused by the result.

What creative ways do the rest of you use to embroider patterns onto 
a chunk of material?


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