HNW - Getting the pattern right

Christina magdlena at
Sun Aug 30 08:58:59 PDT 1998

> What creative ways do the rest of you use to embroider patterns onto
> a chunk of material?
> (:
> Cindy

It depends on the pattern.  For a dense pattern, I put it on a featherweight
interfacing and snip out any uncoverered spots.  If you are very careful with
stitch placement, 10 pt waste canvas pulls out of embroidery fairly easily.  (I
find 12-24 pt gets caught in my stitches and won't pull out as easily.)  Once
upon a time, I saw a lady working with a paper/substance/stuff that she said
would dissolve with contact to water.  I've never been able to find it, nor do I
know what it is called, but it is an embroiderers dream.  Tissue paper works ok,
though I sometimes have problems with bits of fiber being left behind.  Another
option is to use tracing paper or a transfer pencil.  Using a ruler, draw out a
grid on your piece w/ something that will wash out.  Take a transfer pencil and
draw over the design.  Put the paper face down on the grid, position it
properly, and iron.   This will transfer a red line copy of your design onto
your fabric.  Repeat the process until you have the design transferred all the
way around your piece.   Then have fun.

- -Magdalena


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