HNW - Getting the pattern right GarFairies at
Sun Aug 30 09:05:59 PDT 1998

Well there is the old traditional way with pricker and powder.  You can use
one of those pattern marker wheels and then using embroiderer's powder with a
pouncer and pat over the holes made by your wheel.

An alternate way that I use is a very tiny mechanical pencil marking but that
only works on thin material.

Another suggestion is to mark your pattern on very thin pellon or interfacing
or stitch and tear and work over that.  The stitch and tear works beautifully.
There is another product called Solvy which washes away.  Of course it depends
on the fabric you are using as to which method to use.

On heavier fabrics like satin that aren't see through I use the stitch and
tear and carefully tear it away.

Hope these ideas help,

Beth-Katherine Kaiman

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