HNW - Getting the pattern right

Linn Skinner skinner02 at
Sun Aug 30 13:15:03 PDT 1998

Hi Cindy:

Often we embroiderers work from charts and count every thread in a design.
As to transferring designs, you have picked a good method.  If you use
tissue paper to stitch to the fabric it tears away more easily and I'm going
to use a dreaded stitch name here <G>  half backstitch works very well to
outline the design before tearing it away.  Another good method is using
dressmaker's carbon (check your fabric, quilting or art store) or I often
use a quilter's pencil.  Often on fabrics amenable to such things we use
prick and pounce methods and then paint the outline with either oil or water
based paints and a very fine brush.



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