HNW - Getting the pattern right

Dick Eney dickeney at
Sun Aug 30 18:32:42 PDT 1998

I never had much luck with tearing away tissue paper either.

In the very small amount of embroidery I've done that wasn't
counted-thread, I used to use old fashioned Flair pen to draw the design
onto the cloth.  I could use it because the old Flair pen ink would wash
out absolutely perfectly in the laundry, sometimes even without soap. 
Newer ink formulas have made Flair less reliable that way, but I think
I've seen ink-pencils sold in fabric stores that are supposed to wash out
as completely as the old Flairs used to. 

They also sell ink-pencils that are supposed to fade out just from time
(oxygen?) in 12 to 24 hours, for designs that are to be sewn immediately
and that are on dry-clean-only cloth.  I find they evaporate either faster
or slower than advertised. 



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