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Cindy Koepp ckoepp at
Sun Aug 30 16:55:50 PDT 1998

> Often we embroiderers work from charts and count every thread in a design.

Did I mention I'm doing these on dark broadcloth?  I think the string 
count is too tight for that... but I'll remember that if I'm ever 
working with muslin or linen or something of that ilk.

> As to transferring designs, you have picked a good method.  If you use
> tissue paper to stitch to the fabric it tears away more easily 

I think that's a significant part of my troubles:  paper's too heavy. 
 I've been using whatever Kinko's loads their copiers with.  Probably 
20 lb.  I may have to dredge and find onion paper or something like 

> and I'm going to use a dreaded stitch name here <G>  

EEEEK!  (:  Actually, I found out that one of my sewing books has the 
details on embroidery stitches so I'll just have to go look it up.  

> half backstitch works very well to
> outline the design before tearing it away.  

So for doing stuff like Opus Anglicanum, you'd outline first and then 
rip the paper out, then fill in the design.  Wouldn't that give you a 
puckered area at the design edge?  (I haven't done much Opus 
Anglicanum, but a friend of mine wants to do some, and I'll be 
helping him with it)

> Another good method is using
> dressmaker's carbon (check your fabric, quilting or art store) 

The trouble I've found with that (at least the varieties around 
here) is it either doesn't come out (which I suppose could be fixed 
by sewing directly on the line) or it "evaporates" in 72 hours or 
less and I don't embroider _that_ fast.  ;)  

> Often on fabrics amenable to such things we use
> prick and pounce methods 

I'm afraid I don't know what this means either ... I'll go look it up 
in the sewing books I've got and see if it 'splains.

Thanx for the idears.


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