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Mon Aug 31 09:57:47 PDT 1998

Ghislaine Fontanneau wrote:

> Speaking of dyes and stuff....At a garage sale I was lucky enough to
> score some drapes in a lovely woven-in pomegranite pattern.
> Unfortunately, they are hiddeous (in my opinion) colors.  Can someone
> give me advice on 1. finding out the fiber content of the material, 2.
> washing it/preping it to be dyed, etc.  Also, I hear from friends that
> there's a company that supplies wonderful dyestuffs...I believe it's
> called Dharma.  Does anyone have their contact information?

I believe this is getting off-topic.  Please wrap it up, take it to e-mail, or
take it to the historical costume list (where it has been discussed ad nauseum
in the past).

Also, discussions of weaving are specifically excluded from this list (see the
welcome file).  There are weaving-specific lists available.  Perhaps someone
could post the addresses for those who are interested.

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