HNW - Getting the pattern right

Carol Thomas scbooks at
Mon Aug 31 18:20:42 PDT 1998

At 11:55 PM 8/30/98 +0000, you wrote:
>> Often we embroiderers work from charts and count every thread in a design.
>Did I mention I'm doing these on dark broadcloth?  I think the string 
>count is too tight for that... but I'll remember that if I'm ever 
>working with muslin or linen or something of that ilk.

There are white and yellow pencils and pattern paper (waxy coated on one
side) that many good fabric/craft stores carry.

The paper is put over the fabric, then you run a toothed wheel or a stylus
(or a dry ball point pen) over the back, and the white or yellow on the
other side ends up on the fabric.  These wash out.  Sorry that I cannot give
you the correct name for the paper, but the sales people should recognize
what you mean.  It is used for transferring sewing patterns to the cloth.

Another method is to cut out the embroidery pattern from stiff paper, and
trace around it, or cut out parts and trace the openings.


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