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Willow Polson willow at
Tue Sep 1 11:36:03 PDT 1998

>Does anyone know of and examples or research for seed bead work, not
>necessarily bead weaving, done in the SCA time period (600AD - 1600AD).  I
>can't think of any done in EUrope, but my interests are more embroidery
>than beadwork.
>Thank you in advance    libbet

I have documentation that I used for a West Kingdom competition (and won
it, too!) that has glass seed beads as early as the 12th century:

- - Shire Pubications Lt.d #57, "Beadwork" by Pamela Clabburn - shows German
seed bead work of the late 12th century.

- - "Guide to English Embroidery" by Patricia Wardle, published by the V&A
Museum - Shows views of the Butler-Bowden Cope from about 1350 that uses
green seed beads.

Hope this helps get you started! 8-)

Willow Polson

"I have *many* skills."
- - Xena


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