HNW - Stumpwork

Connie Carroll Connie.Bunny at
Wed Sep 2 03:44:18 PDT 1998

I'm trying to find some sources for stumpwork for a friend in 
Calontir. Most sources rush to say it isn't period, but there  are 
several brief mentions of it in Tudor times plus it seems that if you 
look for it , you find it under other names in Germany and so forth. 
She found it listed as "raised" needlework in Germany going back to 
the 14th cent, but the book was in German and neither of us read the 
There was one English source showing it dating in the 1470s, 
"Textiles 5000 Years" .

I'm looking for other sources as I'm now bitten by the same bug that 
got her.

Kassandra NickKraken

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