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<<Most sources rush to say it isn't period, but there  are 
several brief mentions of it in Tudor times plus it seems that if you 
look for it , you find it under other names in Germany and so forth. 
She found it listed as "raised" needlework in Germany going back to 
the 14th cent, but the book was in German and neither of us read the 

I think you'll find that indeed, stumpwork as normally defined is post 1600.
But the precursors to stumpwork, which used detached buttonhole stitch (most
prominently)  and trellis stitch and others in colorful silks and sometimes in
metal-threads, does appear pre-1600.   The Elizabethans were particularly fond
of it, using this style on coifs and doublets, etc.   This precursor to
stumpwork is most likely to be found under the name raised work, though  the
class I took on this style of embroidery at EGA National seminar in San
Francisco never used a name for the style other than "Tudor Stitches".  

I was startled and excited at your citation of 14th century German sources.
I've only found English sources so far.  Thanks for the lead -- I'm off to the
research trail, myself!

Have fun with it. 
Mistyress Eowyn Amberdrake, Caid

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