HNW - Seed Bead work

Cynthia Long keltia at
Wed Sep 2 08:05:25 PDT 1998

> Does anyone know of and examples or research for seed bead work, not
> necessarily bead weaving, done in the SCA time period (600AD - 1600AD).

Along with the already mentioned Bostocke sampler, in Marie Schuette's
_Pictorial History of Embroidery_ check out Plate VIII (right after
fig 180).  There is a lovely altar frontal almost completely
done in sead beads.  The beads are coral and glass of cylindrical
and spherical from in several colors, coral red, two shades of green,
dark blue shading to light blue, turquoise, aubergine, gold and
black.  Seed pearls are also used.  

In the V&A 1200 - 1750 Textiles and Embroidery book there is another
example of seed bead work.  The beads are an intense blue/green glass.
It's not the Bostock sampler but alas, I no longer have the library
It's a great close up color photo.  I believe it's dated as well.


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