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Thu Sep 3 12:16:57 PDT 1998

>>For those of you wanting to do things with seed beads and such and having
>>a hard time affording all of those little packages (or making due with the
>>colors that come in the large, economy size packs) I have found that Mill
>>Hill beads will sell in bulk.
>I have an even better idea... don't buy Mill Hill beads. Go to Tandy
>Leather or another craft shop that sells seed beads and you will save a LOT
>of money, not to mention that you'll find a better selection of solid,
>period colors, and probably more convenient packaging.
>Willow Polson
>"I have *many* skills."
>- Xena

Thank you.  I too have a problem buying seed beads by the overpackaged
dozen.  Luckily, I also do a great deal of beading and jewelry so I buy
them from catalogs (all at home right now).  Fire Mountain Gems comes first
to mind, from Oregon/Washington (on the web).  General Bead in S.F. and San
Diego - on the web.  Look into Button and Bead Magazine (at your local bead
store) and you can find dozens of companies selling seed beads by the tube,
by the ounce, by the hank, by the pound, along with all sorts of
information on how to do the best job with them you can.  There are
hundreds of colors out there in a variety of sizes from pin-head size to
crow bead size.  These companies also sell the findings and anything else
you might need.   Some catalogs are even a learning resource, teaching the
difference between one type of seed bead and another.

Your local bead store is also a wonderful resource when you just need to
talk to someone about production - they probably won't know about historic
beading, although a couple of the people at the store I used to shop at
were learning (Orb Weaver whose owner shut down the shop and joined the
Peace Corp.).

Getting carried away over my newest passion
(Only two years - so much to learn!)


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