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Lyn Greaves rosamund at
Fri Sep 4 06:40:36 PDT 1998

>Also, A nice source is Bead Warehouse 4 Meadow Lake Dr Mendon, VT 05701
>800 736 0781
>I have gotten gold beads and pearls from them, and they have a HUGE
>selection of beads in hanks, and bulk also. Many different styles and
>Want it all

Just a note, the Mill Hill source info I gave the other day was for BULK
bead purchases.  If someone could give me an idea if $48.00 a kilo (or 3.5
for 30 grams) is a good price, I would appreciate it.  According to the
paperwork I have, the "bulk beads CANNOT be repackaged in small quantities
for resale."  They say that a kilo is approx. 100,000 beads, and 30 grams
about 3,000.  The main line comes in 72 colors, and they have sizes from
regular seads to petite seads (really tiny, but good for stealth beading) to
pebble beads.

Do the other sources people have mentioned have better selection?

Lyn Greaves
Lady Rosamund d'Alwareton
     OM, OTerp, OSalamander
Thorny Rose


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