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Drisana asked:  ".... being from a family of knitters one thing that we
did was to take items apart and wash and dry the thread and rewind it to be
used over wouldnt you think that those who knitted during the
middle ages and before would also do this??"

Entirely possible.  Current reports from knitting friends inform me that in
China this is a very common practice, and the same sweater may be worn and
reknitted until the yarn falls apart.  Each time, the knitting is in the
current style.  And I know of women who haunt thrift stores and yardsales
to get sweaters that they pull apart and reknit, especially the fancier
yarns.  One reported that her layette was knitted from yarn recovered from
a skirt and sweater set belonging to her mother or aunt, back in the
Depression, as that was the only source they had of yarn they could afford.
 She knew the story because she had a picture of herself as an infant and
noticed the dark colour of her layette, and asked.  (This came as a report
in a thread about "what color do you make things for babies?".)

Whether done in medieval days, I don't know but would not be surprised, if
the item was not felted.  It's a way of keeping up with the latest trends!

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