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<< ES!  Hedgehog Handworks? Handcrafts?  I don't have the address/website or
 anything here at work but they've been mentioned quite often in the past
 couple of months here.  They're in Southern California and have met the
 owner and spoken on the phone to her. >>

OK - one more time (gladly)!    Their toll free number is 1-888-670-6040, and
yes, the company's just about the best thing since sliced bread.  No, I don't
work for them or represent them in any way --- it's just that they could
define the term "customer service oriented" easily.  

There are several stories that I could share about how good they are: the one
where Joady called me back after I'd placed an order for blackwork reference
books and supplies so that she could tell me that the Gostelow book had just
been reprinted and did I want her to send me a copy of it?  Then there's the
unexpected package that I got about a week ago.  I was a bit surprised,
because I hadn't ordered anything.  When I opened it, it contained a large bag
printed with their logo on it and a HANDWRITTEN (I kid you not!) note that
said that the bag was in celebration of their 11th anniversary.  

I could go on, but don't want to take up too much space here.  Suffice it to
say that they are now the only historic needlework mail-order business that I
will deal with (and I'm not that easy to impress, either <G>).

Margaret Cameron
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