HNW - knitted evidence, h-needlework V1 #116

Carl and/or Anne Adamczyk grania1 at
Thu Sep 10 08:08:35 PDT 1998

Greetings, again, Tamar!

I would be quite happy to pay for a copy of your copy and also the
postage and handling.  I realize tha 1 1/2 inches of photocopying is
quite a bit of work and would also gladly pay you for your time or maybe
we can work a barter of some sort.  
I would almost go for the Polish version since my husband and his parents
are of Polish heritage and my mother-in-law speaks Polish, but she is a
fragile senior citizen and I'm not sure I could trust her translation.

BTW, a sailor's cape may not be far off.  Sailors often tarred their hair
and wore a cape to keep the tar off of their uniform.  This has evolved
to the large squarish collar worn by sailors today and the nickname for
sailors  which is tar. This reference may be a later period than the one
we in the SCA study.

I understand that Rutt is also out of print and I have added my name to
those who are canvassing the publisher for a reprint.  Dover Books also
often reprints out of print books and this might be suggested to them.  

 Thanks again for your help and information.



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