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Thu Sep 10 13:35:31 PDT 1998

On Thu, 10 Sep 1998, Carl and/or Anne Adamczyk wrote:

> Greetings, again, Tamar!
> I would be quite happy to pay for a copy of your copy and also the
> postage and handling.  I realize tha 1 1/2 inches of photocopying is
> quite a bit of work and would also gladly pay you for your time or maybe
> we can work a barter of some sort.  

Simple reimbursement of actual cost is plenty.  It's been a while, so I'm
not sure of the precise cost. email me a snailmail address that can take a
package and I'll get back to you.  (If DH can get it done at work, it's
free plus postage.)  And if anyone knows of a way to buy it from the
publisher, I would be overjoyed to do so.

> I would almost go for the Polish version since my husband and his parents
> are of Polish heritage and my mother-in-law speaks Polish, but she is a
> fragile senior citizen and I'm not sure I could trust her translation.

Oh, does she happen to know much about needlework?  I ask because Irene
Turnau has not replied to my letter asking for clarification of terms. 
Apparently there are two techniques in Poland for crocheting, one called
'making with a hook' and one called 'making with a needle'.  Both Polish
terms (which are quite different words) are translated "crochet".  I am
eager to learn whether one is essentially nalbinding, that is, sewn loops
with an eyed needle, and the other is standard crochet, or what.  The more
detailed information, the better.  If she does happen to know, a
demonstration would be even better than a translation, if you could then
give the approximate words and a description of the technique.

> BTW, a sailor's cape may not be far off.  Sailors often tarred their hair
> and wore a cape to keep the tar off of their uniform.  This has evolved
> to the large squarish collar worn by sailors today and the nickname for
> sailors  which is tar. This reference may be a later period than the one
> we in the SCA study.



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