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Carolyn Kayta Barrows kayta at
Thu Sep 10 19:55:47 PDT 1998

Hello to this list.  

I am interested in reproducing historical needlework techniques on
reproduction garments and accessories that I can use.  I don't want to put
any of my fragile antiques at risk.  I have participated in Renaissance
Faires, historical reenactment, living history, and the SCA.  I usually end
up doing some kind of needlework at historical events, often where
non-participant tourists can watch me do it.

I knit, crochet, embroider, and make a couple of different kinds of lace.
Sometimes I teach needlework technique.  My web page has the directions for
a crochet opera bag from an illustrated Royal Society crochet pamphlet from
1914 which I own (, under Cool Things To Download).
I also weave, spin, and make/wear historical costumes.  

>I understand that Rutt is also out of print and I have added my name to
>those who are canvassing the publisher for a reprint.  Dover Books also
>often reprints out of print books and this might be suggested to them. 

My copy is a 1989 re-print, so Interweave might be persuaded to do another
re-printing.  Dover seems only to reprint old things on which the original
copyright has run out.

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