HNW - embroidered book covers

Bradshaw, Beth Beth.Bradshaw at
Mon Sep 14 16:14:00 PDT 1998

I have the book at home, and of course I am at work. I will bring it in
tomorrow and  and give all the details, if no one else gets there before
From: Christina
To: H-needlework list
Subject: HNW - embroidered book covers
Date: Monday, September 14, 1998 3:56PM


    I'm looking for information on embroidered book covers.  I have a
vague memory of seeing a reference to a bible cover embroidered by Q.
Elizabeth I as a small child, but I can't lay my hands on it.  I am
particularly interested in the Tudor/Elizabethan time period, but I'll
take anything.  Was it only bibles that were covered?  What embroidery
styles were used?  Is that the only piece out there, or are there more?


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