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In "Elizabethan Embroidery" by George Wingfield Digby (Keeper of
Textiles, V&A) there are a number of pictures of embroidered book
covers.  Most are silk and metal work on crimson velvet.  THere is one
done on green velvet.  Text reads: "Paul Hentzner during his travels in
the 1590's noted that the books in the Royal Library at Windsor were all
bound in crimson velvet."

In the "History of English Secular Embroidery" by M. Jourdain, there are
several more book covers over which to drool!  There is also a picture
of the book cover someone mentioned being done by QE1 for Katherine

I am planning a book cover for my lord husband, who is a premier brewer,
of crimson velvet with the arms of the Most Worshipful Company of
Brewers embroidered thereon....

Bronwynn O'Loughlin

Betty P.
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