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> The cover you are thinking of was a   project in the premier issue of
> Threadneedle Street,  a magazine which explored historic needlework.  I'm
> not sure the magazine survived the market for which it was intended.  I
> did the book cover you refer to.  It was a prayer book cover made by QE1
> for her stepmother Katherine Parr, as a gift.  It featured knotwork style
> goldwork and Katherine Parr's initials in the center of the design.  I
> would be glad to photocopy the article for you, if I can remember what I
> did with it, as it was back about 2 1/2 years ago that I  did the project
> and significantly longer before that since the article was published.
> Grania
I remember that book cover, it is beautiful!  I also remember buying 
materials to try to recreate one for a friend, now where did I put 
them?...  I was saddened when that magazine went under as I really 
looked forward to the things they did that were within the SCA 
period.  I really like the Bayeaux Tapestry piece and have that in 
progress around here somewhere also...  Some of the documentation was 
a little sketchy, but they gave starting places if people wanted to 
really research the craft or style.  I'll have to look for that book 
cover and my materials.  Thanks for that reminder! 
Helen Brown
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