HNW - beyond 1600, many questions

Carolyn Kayta Barrows kayta at
Wed Sep 16 19:47:45 PDT 1998

So is this list just SCA folks in Ansteorra?  Or do you talk about
needlework which happened after 1600?  I joined the SCA in 1971, but I do
other periods too.  I was really hoping that this list would be a place
where I could discuss all the historical periods for which I do needlework.
 For example:  

Where can I get fancy Battenberg braid?  Or do I really have to learn
pillow/bobbin lace and make my own?  

Is Brittany the only company making wood crochet hooks?  (Does Brittany
make these in their Deco line too, or just knitting needles?)  

Does anyone know if a book has been published on Art Nouveau embroidery?  

Do any of you do tambour?  I crochet, but I can't quite get the hang of
doing chain stitch from the back thru cloth.  (I hear that 1920's-style
allover-beading can be done quickly by this method.)  

Where can I get tiny (5mm or less) silver or gold sequins?  Mica sequins
(any size)?  Smooth purl, pearl purl, and plate?  Or do I have to
disassemble some thrift store thing made in India for these parts?  

Do any of you attend CostumeCon?  What other periods do you do?
Reenacting?  Living history?  Living history sites?  Any Costumer's Guild
members?  Costume Society of America?

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