HNW - knitted Tudor caps

Judy Schroeder nieka at
Thu Sep 17 11:57:10 PDT 1998

My big winter project is going to be knitting a Tudor cap - one of those
flat, fulled, shaped etc. caps that were supposedly very common in the
1500's in England.  I am starting with info from Rutt's book, and
searching from there.  
My question is:  I assume that after fulling the knit cap, the round part
might have been fitted over a form of some kind to get the roundness,
right size etc.  A metal plate would have rusted and ruined the fabric.
Does anyone have any ideas of what might have been used?  Wood is what
comes to mind, but would constant exposure to wet wool cause the form to
warp or swell if it were made of wood?  
Modern tam knitters usually stretch them over a dinner plate, but I am not
sure if the cap makers' guild would have used pottery plates from at that

Judy Schroeder
nieka at

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