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S. Gilbert sgilbert at
Thu Sep 17 12:05:12 PDT 1998

Greetings Kayta,

> Idea - Would using those wood stretcher-bars, like painters use for
> stretching canvas for paintings, do for making a large enough frame?  

	Teriffic idea!  I wish I had run across this notion a long time
ago.  As you pointed out, commercial stretcher bars all dovetail the same
way and would be interchangable.  A small investment of $$$ would provide
a permanent supply of adjustable frames for many different sizes and types
of needlework.  They could be used with those clamp-type stands for
hands-free work. 
	Yep, I agree with you, this is why I follow this group, for just
this kind of help and creative thinking.  Thank you!

Susan Gilbert  aka
She Has Old Hands
Trueblood Camp
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