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As an aside, several of the Italian pattern books (circa 1540s or so) have
patterns in them that would work perfectly for applique.  

These patterns are are drawn out on large grids.  In at least one of the
books  instructions for using the grid to draft out enlargements are

The patterns I'm thinking of are for long narrow strips - with one long
edge cut in a convoluted series of curls and angles.  The pattern is laid
out on the strip in such a manner that cutting along the curvy edge of the
design will yield two contours that are exactly the same.  

If one were to use these patterns  one would probably plot the design out
on waste paper or cloth, and trace the "cutting edge" down the center of a
long strip of applique material (possibly wool or thin leather).  Cutting
along this line would produce two identical pieces of applique stuff that
could be butted end to end to make a length of trim twice as long as the
original fabric strip.

Caveats... I haven't tried this yet.  And apologies for not having the
exact citations at hand here at work.

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