HNW - tambour work - wood frames

Susan Evans woofie at
Thu Sep 17 18:09:11 PDT 1998

>Idea - Would using those wood stretcher-bars, like painters use for
>stretching canvas for paintings, do for making a large enough frame?

They work great for making frames - that's what I'm using now to do some
metal thread work.  A hint - check the outside corners of the wood to see
if they are sharp - I took a little hammer and smooshed them down a bit to
lessen the chance of fabric getting ripped.  Also, if you find a pair of
the pliers used for canvas stretching, it makes the whole job much easier -
the wide mouth - 4 inches or so, and a bump to tilt the pliers out and hold
the fabric taut makes stapling the fabric in place go quickly and evenly.

Sue Evans

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