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Fri Sep 18 01:42:51 PDT 1998

Judy Schroeder writes, in a message sent 11:57 AM 9/17/98 -0700:
>My big winter project is going to be knitting a Tudor cap - one of those
>flat, fulled, shaped etc. caps that were supposedly very common in the
>1500's in England.  I am starting with info from Rutt's book, and
>searching from there. 

I saw a photo of a German flat-cap-like thing, in red, knitted probably the
same way.  
>My question is:  I assume that after fulling the knit cap, the round part
>might have been fitted over a form of some kind to get the roundness,
>right size etc.  A metal plate would have rusted and ruined the fabric.
>Does anyone have any ideas of what might have been used?  Wood is what
>comes to mind, but would constant exposure to wet wool cause the form to
>warp or swell if it were made of wood?  
>Modern tam knitters usually stretch them over a dinner plate, but I am not
>sure if the cap makers' guild would have used pottery plates from at that

Maybe a plain ceramic disk?  Wouldn't have to be a real plate, and ceramic
is available and cheap.  If it was wood, maybe a withie or other flexible
'green' thing?  (talk about available...)

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