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>>> My big winter project is going to be knitting a Tudor cap - one of
>>> those flat, fulled, shaped etc. caps that were supposedly very
>>> common in the 1500's in England.  I am starting with info from Rutt's
>>> book, and searching from there.

I have heard of at least two people who worked out patterns for these,
also.  I just don't have the notes with me; when I tried to reach one,
earlier this year, she was on maternity leave and I eventually got an
apology for her not having replied earlier, but no copies of her pattern.

>>> Does anyone have any ideas of what might have been used?  Wood is
>>> what comes to mind, but would constant exposure to wet wool cause
>>> the form to warp or swell if it were made of wood?

Actually, not necessarily.  Most of the water is out ofthe hat at that
point, it is not sopping wet but damp.  If you choose a harder wood and
seal it before use, you should have no problem.

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