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Morning to the group,

	I've received so many private e-mails asking about sources for
information/books/supplies on tambour that I thought I'd make a general
post.   I hope this is ok.     
        Tambour is so quick to learn you won't believe it.  I saw an
article in the Nov/Dec 1997 issue of PIECEWORKS magazine that explained
the basics.  The article has one nice photo of a silk scarf done in a fern
pattern and a great drawn diagram showing how to do the basic chain
stitch.  I put down the magazine, put a piece of scrap wool in a hoop,
grabbed a small crochet hook and some left over baby yarn and started in.
By the end of a month I had a red wool shawl with a celtic knot design
done in charcoal wool around the edges.  It's addictive.
        LARK BOOKS 1998 Artisan's Resource Guide carries the best (and so
far only book I have found) devoted solely to tambour.  It's called
TAMBOUR WORK by Yusai Fukuyama.  This is a great book that covers all
aspects of tambour; straight embroidery, bead work, sequin work, and
tambour lace.  They also carry a good set of tambour hooks, three
different sizes, with a brass handle and holding screw and a carrying
vial.  Book is $25.00 and the hooks are $15.75.  You can buy both as a set
for $36.90.  I did and I'm very happy with both.  To get a LARK BOOKS
catalog call 1-800-284-3388.  Usual disclaimer applies, not an employee,
just a happy customer... 

Hope this helps,

Susan Gilbert  aka
She Has Old Hands
Trueblood Camp
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