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Fri Sep 18 11:08:09 PDT 1998

>Margo Lynn Hablutzel (Are you Marjorie's frind the printer?)
>writes, in a message sent 08:51 AM 9/18/98 -0400:
>>>>> My big winter project is going to be knitting a Tudor cap - one of
>>>>> those flat, fulled, shaped etc. caps that were supposedly very
>>>>> common in the 1500's in England.
>Some English monarch, maybe Henry, made it a law that English men had to
>wear an English-knitted black wool flat cap on Sundays.  The law lasted
>into Elizabeth's reign.  (Protection for the cap knitters or something.)
>My guess is they were really common, at least one day a week.
It was protection for the English wool market.  Too many people were going
to the Low Countries for their wool and it was a (successful) attempt by
the monarchy to protect England, sheep and the people depending on them for
a living.  It may have been Henry VIII, but I seem to recall that it was
Elizabeth early in her reign, or perhaps her brother Edward.

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