HNW - fulled caps

Deborah Pulliam pulliam at
Fri Sep 18 13:16:10 PDT 1998

<< I haven't tried fulling yarn yet so I don't know
whether the wool shrinks in diameter as well as length.>>

The yarn actually gains a bit in diameter, as it shrinks in length, when
wool is fulled (it fills out. Sorry, couldn't resist.)

All the period pieces (pre 1700 or so)  I've examined were knit to shape
and then fulled (unlike "boiled" wool jackets, that are  wool fabric which
is heavily fulled, then cut and sewn together.) Most of the shape is
already there, but they may well have been dried on forms for finishing
purposes. The pieces sometimes do have a cut edge, but the ones I've seen
were cut from other pieces, and used to mend a cap, not in the original


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