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Lynn Downward downward at
Fri Sep 18 12:38:42 PDT 1998

>>I recognize you - I just bought your book.  Are any of these wonderful
>>Italian pattern books available in reprint (Dover?)  Or do we have to
>>till you publish another digest?
>I have one, but it's not Dover. It's from Curious Works Press. (I wish
>it was from Dover, it probably would have cost less.) Their address is:
>Curious Works press
>107 RR 620 South, #11-E
>Austin TX 78734
>(512) 266-3653 (tele and fax)
>They publish a LOT of historical needlework reprints. (Not just SCA
>period, but later as well.)
>Katerine Rowley
>Bryn Gwlad, Ansteorra
>Mary Temple
>Austin, TX

So, what's the name of this book, and what's it about? Time periods,
needlework style, that sort of thing.  Also, does Curious Works Press have
a catalog of other books they have published?

Always looking for more shelving
because I love books!

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