HNW - Tambour work

Liz Herman/cozit cozit at
Fri Sep 18 17:28:01 PDT 1998

I've only played at tambour work (with and without beads) but I thought
I'd pass this along.  A workshop that I once took on beading methods
suggested using a knit-picker (?) rather than an actual tambour hook. 
I'm probably not remembering the name right, but it looks like a
miniature latch-hook, and it's "real" purpose is to be used for drawing
yarn to the backs of sweaters, etc....when they are being finished, or
if they're snagged, I suppose.  They're available at JoAnns and probably
other generic cloth stores...I think Boye makes them?

It worked pretty well on the material we used with it, but I don't think
it would work so well on a very fine material.  If you're using larger
beads on a fairly loose weave fabric it's snagging.  They're
a lot easier to locate than hooks for tambour work (or even for true rug

- -Elisabeth

One day I'll have time to play with all the stitching type things I want
to.....if I keep repeating that often enough, maybe it'll actually come
true? :-)
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