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Irene Davis idavis at
Sat Sep 19 08:38:56 PDT 1998

Our local knitting/crocheting/spinning/weaving store carries a couple 
of patterns that are designed to be fulled. I discovered them the other 
day while checking out their yarn collection. They have a crocheted 
slipper pattern (ballet, ankle and short boot heights) and two knit hat 
patterns - one for a women's hat with flat or round rolled brim and one 
for a men's alpine style hat. Of course I bought them. They are very 
specific about the type of wools that they recommend. They say if you 
aren't using these wools you should make a test swatch and full that to 
see what happens. What caught my eye at the shop was a "before and 
after" dusplay - a short boot slipper (looked like about a men's size 
14) and the after - somehthing that looked to be about a ladies size 6. 
It was VERY neat. The slippers started me thinking about fulled sockes 
under turnshoes, and the hat started me thinking about how I could use 
tha basic pattern to make a period piece (pre-1600). I'm at work, so I 
don't have the info, but if anyone is interested I could dig it up for 

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