HNW - Re: HNW Quick question - way off present topic.

Carol Thomas scbooks at
Sat Sep 19 09:00:30 PDT 1998

>>A question has come up on another list asking for a simple definition to
>>distinguish embroidery from crewel work.  We fully realize that one uses,
>>almost exclusively, wool, but embroidery likewise, sometimes, uses wool.
>>We've also heard that crewel was established much later - 1800's where
>>embroidery has been around longer.  However, what makes something crewel and
>>not embroidery with wool?
>>Any simple answers or are the lines blurred here?

Simple answers? In embroidery?  Not likely.

Every book on crewel I have ever seen has 3 characteristics:

1. Use of wool

2. Uses freehand stitches, not counted

3. And shows styles influenced by paisleys and colorful birds, which
suggests an influence from Eastern textiles

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