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Sun Sep 20 00:07:23 PDT 1998

Hi Susan & HNW-
Just had to chime in here to say how glad I was to see Tambour work as a topic
on HNW.
I  recently purchased a table top tambour frame for $40, a needles set, got
Pieceworks, & the Fukuyama book & immediately gave Tambour-ing a try. Right now
I am still just practicing, trying to master the technique, get the stitches
uniform, etc. Eventually,  planning on doing either an elaborately beaded,
sequined length of trim or a dress bodice-or maybe both..
My question here IS: are there any other tambour lace or beading patterns/
pattern books available other than the Fukuyama? Any period designs, like those
available for bobbin lace? I haven't seen any so far in the better lace supply
catalogs. Where exactly would one look for old Tambour work designs/patterns?
Could they be found in period ladies' needlework magazines?
Also, could patterns for other types of lace be adapted for tambour work?
Any input much appreciated!

Lisa Rand
martyr at

S. Gilbert wrote:

> Morning to the group,
>         I've received so many private e-mails asking about sources for
> information/books/supplies on tambour that I thought I'd make a general
> post.   I hope this is ok.
>         Tambour is so quick to learn you won't believe it.  I saw an
> article in the Nov/Dec 1997 issue of PIECEWORKS magazine that explained
> the basics.  The article has one nice photo of a silk scarf done in a fern
> pattern and a great drawn diagram showing how to do the basic chain
> stitch.  I put down the magazine, put a piece of scrap wool in a hoop,
> grabbed a small crochet hook and some left over baby yarn and started in.
> By the end of a month I had a red wool shawl with a celtic knot design
> done in charcoal wool around the edges.  It's addictive.
>         LARK BOOKS 1998 Artisan's Resource Guide carries the best (and so
> far only book I have found) devoted solely to tambour.  It's called
> TAMBOUR WORK by Yusai Fukuyama.  This is a great book that covers all
> aspects of tambour; straight embroidery, bead work, sequin work, and
> tambour lace.  They also carry a good set of tambour hooks, three
> different sizes, with a brass handle and holding screw and a carrying
> vial.  Book is $25.00 and the hooks are $15.75.  You can buy both as a set
> for $36.90.  I did and I'm very happy with both.  To get a LARK BOOKS
> catalog call 1-800-284-3388.  Usual disclaimer applies, not an employee,
> just a happy customer...
> Hope this helps,
> Susan Gilbert  aka
> She Has Old Hands
> Trueblood Camp
> sgilbert at
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