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morning group,

	 Out side of the Fukuyama book and the Pieceworks article, I've not
found much on tambour yet (I'm still looking).  The two other references
I've got in my library are: 
	Stitchery and Needle Lace from Threads Magazine, Taunton Press,
ISBN 1-56158-010-4.  This is a paperback compilation of articles from
various issues of Threads magazine.  On page 98 is an article on Costumes
of Royal India.  On page 100 is a full page photo of a very elaborate
skirt in tambour work.  There are two smaller detail insets that show the
front and back of one of the motifs. 
	 The article also contains a bibliography of other books on the
textiles and embroidery guilds of India.  Since tambour was such a primary
embroidery technique for flat decoration and beading in Indian textiles,
I've got several of these books on order from inter-library loan.  I
didn't post the list, as I haven't seen the books yet and don't know how
good they are.  Anyone interested can e-mail me and I'll send it to you..
For those of you who collect Threads magazine, the issue that had this
article in the first place was October 1986.
	The other reference I have is:
	The Step-By-Step Needlecraft Guide by Judy Brittain.  Portland
House Publishers, ISBN 0-517-16045-5.  On page 297, in the section on
embroidery and beading, is a small diagram on how to apply beads with a
tambour hook.  It is a small picture, but it is very accurate and tells
you exactly what to do.
	Kayta is right, patterns with long lines seem to work best.  I've
had great success with the stencils made for quilting, especially border
designs.  They tend to be enlongated knot repeats or fluid
"feather"/plumes that look real lovely in tambour.  On the smaller scale,
key repeats and celtic knot designs look nice as trim. 
	I'm designing more of my tambour now, as I've gotten the hang of
what works/looks best.  I'm working on a white on white design, in silk on
linen.  It's a 1757 daytime cap, for my living history garb.  We have a
very special Christmas event this year and I need some fancier clothes (oh
poor me ;-} ).

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