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Donna Kenton donna at
Sun Sep 20 21:19:14 PDT 1998

First, you need a "real" camera, one that you set the speeds and such
yourself,  and such.  They aren't necessarily expensive.  My first one was
about $100.  A tripod will run you another $30.

Magnifying filters screw onto your lens, just like the daylight filter.
They come in a set of three, 1X, 2X, and 4X usually, and run about $35,
depending upon your camera.  Make sure you get ones that will fit your lens.

For low light, attach the camera to the tripod and screw on whichever size
magnifying filter you need.  Set the shutter speed to automatic, and the
camera will close the shutter when it has determined that its gotten enough

You'll also want a cable shutter release.  This is a cord that attaches to
the camera, so that you don't have to push the button, and possibly move
the camera when it takes the shot.  I think they're under $10.

I also open the f stop all the way.  This controls the depth of the field,
and I think it gives you greater detail that way.

Hope this helps!


At 08:44 PM 9/20/98 -0400, you wrote:
>>See if they'll let you use a tripod.  The Cloisters does, as long as it
>>isn't too crowded.  I can't speak for that film, but I use a tripod and set
>>the shutter speed to automatic.  Also, I use magnifying filters for
>>close-ups of stitches.
>Please elaborate!  What filters?  This kind of photography is something I
>would like to do for reference.
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