HNW - Know this book??

Carolyn Kayta Barrows kayta at
Mon Sep 21 10:32:56 PDT 1998

>Can any of you help?  This enquiry has come to me from a contact in
>Poland.......he is interested in purchasing this book from a site on the
>Internet, but is concerned about its cost, which is why he is asking
>ifanyone is familiar with it..........
>>>S.Durian-Ress: Textilien Sammlung Bernheimer paramente 15 bis 19
>jahrhundert. It is vety expensive and I feel uneasy about buying it
>without seeing it. Have you ever seen this book?  If yes - please give
>me your impressions about it. <<
>Thanks in advance.  Please reply to me direct

Is it possible for him to get any information from the vendor directly?
Can he ask them specific questions as to the book's contents?  Or is that
why you posted to here?

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