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Mon Sep 21 17:42:50 PDT 1998

Donna Kenton writes, in a message sent 02:09 PM 9/21/98 -0400:
>>I used to have extender rings for my 35mm SLR camera.  
>Yes, they are ring things that you screw onto the lens.  My photo shop
>called them magnifying filters, because that's what they do.  <grin>

And here I had been thinking that filters had glass in them...
>You're right about the pictures having a "yellow" cast.  Taking notes about
>the color is a good idea.  

Taking my own colour notes allows for the fact that Fuji film and Kodak
film print slightly differently.  But then, if all I am doing is counting
threads with a photo, or recording seam lines and shape, the colour doesn't
matter as much.

>Unless I used a tripod, I haven't had much luck with low-light conditions.
>Your mileage may vary.

Try bracing the end of the lens right on the glass case, if they let  you.
I have also been known to squat down and use my knee for the third 'leg' of
a tripod.  Sometimes I lean against a wall.  Or there's the old standby of
taking a breath and letting it halfway out then pushing the shutter button.
 I had forgotten about the cable release to cut down on jiggling.  (When my
camera bag got stolen the cable release and the extender rings were in it.
I was someplace else at the time carrying my camera so I still have that.)

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