HNW - Cleaning Needlework

Christina magdlena at
Mon Sep 21 18:59:28 PDT 1998

> I'm going to try the soap flakes and Biz mixture again, but I don't want to
> soak it too long, or I fear the black pigment in the thread will start
> dissolving.
> Does anyone else have any suggestions?  Otherwise, I get to do the piece over
> again, and I'd prefer not doing that if there is another way.

Let's see.  Try directly applying woolite to the spot, rubbing gently, and then
washing in the sink.  Try a dish soap such as Ivory.  I can't swear for every
pencil, but dish soap has removed many a blood stain for me, along with grease,
ink and pencil.  A _very_ careful application of goo gone has removed an oil stain
from my blackwork.

Hope this helps,
- -Magdalena

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