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Carolyn Kayta Barrows kayta at
Mon Sep 21 19:10:49 PDT 1998

Hello after all this time to you, Eowyn.  You knew me in Caid in the 70's.
Same Kayta.

Have you considered taking it to a dry cleaner?  Ask at the best needlework
shop you know for a reccomendation of a safe one to take it to.  (Same
thing for dry cleaning costumes/garb - ask the local theatre department for
a safe dry cleaner.)

EowynA at writes, in a message sent 08:37 PM 9/21/98 EDT:
>Hello, all!
>I just finished a piece of blackwork on linen, done in black Soie d'Alger
>thread.  I followed the advice of a teacher, Ms. Jane Zimmerman, and used
a #2
>lead pencil to trace my design onto the linen before stitching.  
>Unfortunately, some places were not "true" -- that is, the line that was
>supposed to be straight up and down did not follow the grain of the fabric
>when I traced it.  So I corrected it on the cloth, with the thread.  But that
>means I am left with a few pencil lines still visible (though much less than
>it was) where I originally put the marks.  
>So far, I have cleaned it by soaking for a couple hours in a solution of soap
>flakes and Biz in water, which may have helped some but did not fully solve
>the problem.  I have also tried a "fabric eraser", which mostly just turned
>the fiber of the cloth into a fine fuzzy cloud.  I fear if I rub too long or
>hard, the linen will develop a thin spot with a line of pencil through it.
>I'm going to try the soap flakes and Biz mixture again, but I don't want to
>soak it too long, or I fear the black pigment in the thread will start
>Does anyone else have any suggestions?  Otherwise, I get to do the piece over
>again, and I'd prefer not doing that if there is another way. 
>Thanks in advance for advice,
>Melinda Sherbring, Los Angeles,   a.k.a.
>Eowyn Amberdrake, Caid
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