HNW - Cleaning Needlework

Curtis & Mary ladymari at
Mon Sep 21 20:38:35 PDT 1998

EowynA at wrote:

> Does anyone else have any suggestions?  Otherwise, I get to do the piece over
> again, and I'd prefer not doing that if there is another way.

Hi Eowyn!
Have you tried the art gum erasers?  the rubbery stretchy ones that pick up stuff
like old silly putty?  Maybe pressing it on [I think I'd use a new clean one} then
lifting off might help.  Or, ya know we always use Dawn dish soap to wash fleece
before and after spinning and again before dyeing and now I wash all my handmade
woolies with it.  You might try it, gets a lot of dirt out.

Mairi, Atenveldt

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