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Mon Sep 21 21:33:38 PDT 1998

At 08:37 PM 9/21/98 EDT, you wrote:
>I am left with a few pencil lines still visible 
>Does anyone else have any suggestions? 
>Melinda Sherbring, Los Angeles,   a.k.a.

Try a lemon juice/white vinegar mixture. Obviously, get some of the scraps
left over from your project and do a small piece to use for testing. That
way, what doesn't work wont ruin your good piece.

You might also try an iron on basting tape. Set the tape over the marks and
iron the backside of your work. The idea is to have the adhesive on the
tape adhere to the graphite. When you remove the tape, the pencil *should*
come with it.

Does your local paper run Hints From Heloise? you might research that
column for an answer. (pencil marks are common laundry problems. she has
probably answered this one before.)

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