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Mon Sep 21 22:37:04 PDT 1998

There are some good ideas here, but some that I will definately _not_ try as
well -- woolite contains bleach.  The bleach will do bad things to the black
silk thread stitched on the linen. Pure soap (such as Ivory) and an enzyme
"bleach", such as Biz, seem to work for most organic stains, and is what at
least one museum uses for conserving its own textile collection.   That is why
I tried it first. 

But pencil (graphite) is not an organic stain. 

I've tried three or four different erasers, including art gum, plastic, fabric
eraser, and super soft plastic eraser.   I thought art gum eraser might work,
too.  But note that this is not a fresh stain -- it has been in place since I
started the piece.  The piece is now completely stitched, and has been washed
in the soap-Biz solution.  

I may try a dry cleaner yet, though my hope is to do it myself, since I hate
to give the piece to someone else to do who-knows-what with it.  But as a last
resort, I will keep it in mind. 

The lemon juice - white vinegar sounds like it will harm the black silk on the
linen.  But I will stitch a test piece, mark it with pencil, wash it, then try
treating it with the lemon juice-white vinegar.    If nothing else, I may have
a series of test pieces "cleaned" with various mixtures, and can do a
comparison.  If so, I'll post my results. 

Thank you all for your inputs  (more ideas welcomed!).  It does not appear
that I have reached the end of my list of  options yet, what with the new
ideas from here added to it.  

Thanks, and keep those ideas coming!

Melinda Sherbring   (Eowyn Amberdrake)
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