HNW - Cleaning Needlework

Cynthia J Ley cley at
Mon Sep 21 23:05:15 PDT 1998

>EowynA at writes, in a message sent 08:37 PM 9/21/98 EDT:
>>Hello, all!
>>I just finished a piece of blackwork on linen, done in black Soie 
>d'Algerthread.  I followed the advice of a teacher, Ms. Jane Zimmerman,
>used a #2 lead pencil to trace my design onto the linen before

Oy vey. Good luck. You'll need it. Lead pencil is insufferably stubborn
on linen. Had the same problem you describe!

While I have given up attempting to embroider blackwork on linen (visual
vagaries being a bit too much), I have gotten into the habit of drafting
out all my patterns (or pattern parts) on quadrille paper so I have a
point of reference if I screw up, and the only thing that ever touches
the ground fabric is the blackwork itself.

Wish I could be more positive.


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