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Jacquie Samples jacquie-samples at
Tue Sep 22 06:32:34 PDT 1998

Hello Melinda,
I hope your problem is solved by now!  Just in case it isn't though ... 

Here is a web address for Nordic Needle's Stitchers' Info page: 
On it are two links to "Cleaning Tips."  I thought that it might be
helpful.  I've read through it before, but can't remember if it contains a
solution to your exact problem.  It is very long and detailed, so I don't
want to try to post it all here.

I have read the other suggestions for your problem and would like to say
that I've heard that Dry Cleaning is NOT good for needlework.  The harsh
chemicals that some dry cleaners use will/can eventually break down the
fibers of your work.  Sorry.  I do know some people who get their pieces
dry-cleaned, but they are not interested in posterity, so they don't care
what happens to their needlework in the years to come.  Which is fine, but
with something as intricate and time consuming as blackwork on fine linen,
you might want to avoid it!  I would!

Hope some of this is useful,
Jacquie Samples

At 08:37 PM 9/21/98 EDT, Melinda wrote:
>Hello, all!
>I just finished a piece of blackwork on linen, done in black Soie d'Alger
>thread.  I followed the advice of a teacher, Ms. Jane Zimmerman, and used
a #2
>lead pencil to trace my design onto the linen before stitching.  
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