HNW - Cleaning Needlework

Christina magdlena at
Tue Sep 22 07:16:03 PDT 1998

EowynA at wrote:

> There are some good ideas here, but some that I will definately _not_ try as
> well -- woolite contains bleach.

>From the woolite label:

"Important Facts:  WOOLITE Fine Fabric Wash does not contain bleach, phosphates,
enzymes or dyes.  Cleaning agents are biodegradeable."

Try it on a test piece.  I invariably work in black silk on linen, and I almost
invariably clean my piece with woolite.  I've never had any problem, even when
soaking for multiple days.

> If nothing else, I may have
> a series of test pieces "cleaned" with various mixtures, and can do a
> comparison.  If so, I'll post my results.

Good Luck!!!

- -Magdalena

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